Remembering Carolyn

Carolyn was an optimistic 20 year old student. She dreamed of being a family lawyer, owning a country house in northern Quebec, and of spending her weekends frolicking in grassy fields with her 3 children and adoring husband. Sadly, Carolyn left us early November 20th, to join George Carlin and Whitney Houston in the heavenly clouds above. Carolyn had been suffering from acute internship disorder, and 4th stage overwhelmingamountofessays for the past year and a half. The university life was always a challenge for Carolyn, but she persevered as long and hard as she could. Carolyn will be remembered by her proud and loving parents and siblings, as well as her incredible network of friends (seemingly an endless amont of outstanding people). Carolyn’s final words were: “Can’t wait to get wasted with my buddies after exams.” Her cheerfulness and exuberance will remain in our hearts forever. The shiva will take place on December 19th, at 5pm and continue on until January 5th at 8:30am. All donations can be sent to McGill University.

Please note that Carolyn’s cynicism and sarcasm was always disguised happiness and idealism.